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How long will my root canal take?

The Dental Care of Corona team performs root canal treatments, usually in a few steps. However, even in the case of an emergency root canal at our Corona, CA, dental office, the first step is to accurately diagnose the location and severity of your condition. Dr. Kahill takes advantage of leading-edge dental imaging technology to promote the most accurate diagnosis. With these precise images, our root canal specialist, an endodontist, can work more quickly.

This planning means that your root canal will take as short a time as possible. Often, our dentist can complete the procedure itself in under an hour. And if you require a dental crown for long-term protection, you will return for a second visit. This allows our dental lab to fabricate a natural-looking, high-quality crown that we place on the affected tooth, providing a reliable chewing surface and an attractive restoration.

Does Every Root Canal Need a Crown?

Our team aims to provide the most conservative procedures so that we can maintain as much natural tooth structure as possible. For example, if we catch your inner tooth infection in its early stages, then our precision tools can save so much of your tooth that you don’t require a dental crown. Instead, we can finish your root canal treatment with a tooth-colored dental filling.

With proper care and frequent check-ups, you can avoid future tooth decay and the need for further costly tooth restorations.

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