Cosmetic Dentistry in Corona, CA

Woman smiling after cosmetic dental treatments in Corona, CANearly everyone has smile flaws that they would like to correct. You might want your teeth to look brighter, straighter, or more even. Maybe you need help with minor cosmetic imperfections like chipped or stained teeth, or you may be considering a more dramatic improvement. 

At Dental Care of Corona, we know how even small imperfections can affect your confidence. We believe everyone should love the look of their smile, and cosmetic dentistry can transform your smile to the one you want. Dr. Rakesh Patel and Dr. Shital Patel are experienced cosmetic dentists who create beautiful smiles every day, and they would love to help you.

Cosmetic Dentistry to Fit All Needs

Our goal is to create a one-of-a-kind smile makeover where no one notices your dentistry, but instead sees a subtle improvement in your appearance and confidence. Each patient who wants to improve their smile comes to us with unique concerns, and our cosmetic dentists will individualize your smile makeover to address any cosmetic smile imperfection that bothers you:

  • Chipped, cracked, or broken teeth
  • Crooked or crowded teeth
  • Gaps and uneven spacing between teeth
  • Stained, discolored, or yellow teeth
  • Teeth that appear too large or too small
  • Poorly proportioned teeth

Everyone wants a better smile but doesn't want to pay a fortune for it. Dr. Shital and Dr. Rakesh always look for the most affordable and conservative solutions for our patients so we can help them achieve their goals in a way that best fits their needs.

Dental Bonding for Minor Smile Flaws

Our teeth are incredibly durable but not indestructible. If you chip a tooth or break off a small piece of enamel, dental bonding is an excellent solution. We use tooth-colored filling material to correct minor flaws like these, and the result is a seamless repair and a flawless smile.

Porcelain Veneers Transform Your Smile

Woman receiving teeth whitening treatment in Corona, CAA dental veneer is a super-thin shell of tooth-shaped porcelain that we bond to the front surfaces of your teeth to conceal whatever flaws are beneath it. Using veneers, our cosmetic dentists in Corona correct the appearance of uneven gaps and spacing, improve the shape or size of a tooth, and even camouflage mildly crooked teeth. 

Whatever aesthetic dental flaws concern you, we can conceal them with veneers and give your smile an entirely new look.

Professional Teeth Whitening

If you have tried drug-store whitening kits and have been disappointed by the lack of results, professional teeth whitening at Dental Care of Corona is the solution you need. Our dentists can use a much more potent concentration of whiteners that provides faster and better results than store-bought brands. 

We also customize whitening trays made just for your smile to provide the most consistent, brilliant results, and we are always here if you have a question.

Invisalign and Six Month Smiles Braces

Straight teeth help create a more harmonious and balanced smile and are also better for your oral health. If you would like to straighten crooked teeth without metal braces, we would love to tell you more about the benefits of Invisalign and Six Month Smiles Braces.

We Can't Wait to Help You Love Your Smile!

A beautiful, confident smile boosts your confidence and makes it a pleasure to interact with others. If yours could use some improvement, schedule an appointment to learn more about cosmetic dentistry at our Corona dental office. We are also pleased to serve the surrounding communities of Norco, Riverside, Lake Elsinore, and beyond.