Emergency Dentistry in Corona, CA

Nearly everyone will face a dental emergency at some point in their lives. At Dental Care of Corona, our team of dentists and specialists is here for any urgent dental problem that arises. Whether you have a toothache, a lost dental crown, or any other situation that needs urgent attention, contact our office and we'll make your emergency a priority.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

Man experiencing toothache in Corona, CANumerous situations can arise with your oral health that can be considered a dental emergency. With many of them, the sooner we can see you and provide expert treatment, the better the outcomes will be.

Even though all dental emergencies require prompt attention, some are definitely more critical than others. The following helpful information is a general guideline, however, and the first step is always to call your Corona emergency dentist.

Chipped or Broken Teeth

A chipped or broken tooth is not an urgent emergency and can wait a day or two unless you are in pain. Even if you aren’t in pain, however, we still need to see you to smooth out the edges of the broken or chipped tooth and determine if further treatment like a dental crown is necessary.

Lost or Broken Dental Work

If you have a loose crown or filling, or it comes out entirely, we need to see you promptly, but not necessarily the same day. Wrap the lost crown or broken pieces of the filling in tissue and bring them with you to your appointment.

Toothaches, from Mild to Severe

A toothache means that a cavity or infection has reached the nerve inside your tooth. The first step is to call Dental Care of Corona and tell us what kind of pain you are experiencing.

Tooth pain can range from tolerable to excruciating, making it impossible for you to function. If you are in such severe pain that you can’t think straight, you are in danger of losing your tooth. If the pain is due to an infected root canal, the situation can become life-threatening if we don’t take immediate action. 

In the case of severe tooth pain, we will see you as soon as possible the same day. A mild toothache, however, may be able to wait until our next available appointment. Whatever your needs are, rest assured that our priority is to get you out of pain as soon as possible. 

Knocked-Out Tooth

Knocked-out teeth are more common than you might think, but you must act quickly if this happens to you. If you take the proper steps, and we can see you within two hours, there’s a fair chance we can successfully re-implant the tooth.

Call our Corona dental office right away or have a friend call so we can prepare for your arrival.  

Hold the tooth by the crown only, and do not touch the root or disturb any of the soft tissue still attached to it. You must keep the tooth root moist, and it’s best if you can hold it in your cheek pocket or even under your tongue. If this is not possible, place it in a container of your saliva or milk, not tap water.

Call Your Emergency Dentist in Corona, CA

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, our Corona dentists are here for you. Call us at (951) 898-8845, so we can provide the prompt treatment and relief you need.