CEREC Same-Visit Dental Crowns and Bridges in Corona, CA

At Corona Dental Care, we are always researching new ways to enhance your dental care. Whether it’s new, natural-looking dental materials or technology like CEREC same-visit crowns and bridges, we make it a point to stay current with all the latest advances.

Why We Recommend Dental Crowns

If you break a tooth or get a cavity, a filling may be enough to repair the damage and allow you to chew on the tooth again. In some cases, however, a tooth is damaged in a way that a filling won’t protect it adequately. 

Some reasons our Corona dentists might recommend a crown are:

  • A cavity is too extensive for a tooth filling
  • A tooth is cracked or broken
  • A tooth needs extra protection after a root canal
  • A dental implant placed in your jaw needs a dental crown to restore function and appearance
  • As part of a dental bridge to hold the artificial tooth securely in place

When a Bridge Is the Right Choice

We recommend a dental bridge to replace one or two missing teeth in the same spot in your mouth. A prosthetic bridge consists of an artificial tooth with a crown on either side of it. The artificial tooth sits in the open space, and the crowns are attached to adjacent teeth to support the bridge. 

To get a dental bridge, the crown teeth must be healthy and strong enough to support it. If they’re not, our dentists may recommend a dental implant or partial denture instead.

CEREC Same-Visit Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges aren’t new, but what is new is CEREC technology that allows us to deliver beautiful restorations like crowns and bridges in just one appointment.

The traditional method for getting a crown or bridge typically required 2-3 dental appointments. The first required altering your tooth shape, taking messy impressions, then placing a temporary restoration. In about 2-3 weeks, when your new crown was ready, you had to return to your dentist’s office to remove the temporary and fit and place it on your tooth.

With CEREC, our dentists do everything in-house instead of using an outside lab. We take comfortable digital impressions of your tooth and design the crown or bridge using specialized computer software. Next, a milling machine that works like a 3-D printer creates your new restoration while you relax in our comfortable dental office. 

We then fit the new crown or bridge so you can chew on it comfortably and cement it securely in place. That’s it! After just one visit to our Corona dental office, you will walk out with your beautiful new tooth crown in place.

Same-visit CEREC crowns and bridges eliminate all the inconveniences associated with lab-made restorations:

  • No multiple visits
  • No multiple injections
  • No messy impressions
  • No temporaries

Do You Need a Same-Visit Crown or Bridge in Corona?

CEREC same-visit crowns and bridges are perfect, whether you are in a hurry or just don’t want the extra steps involved with lab-created restorations. If you have a decayed, broken, or missing tooth and want to learn more about CEREC, please call Corona Dental Care to schedule an appointment.