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Do you offer emergency root canals?

At Dental Care of Corona, our mission is to provide you with vital dental care when you need it most. This is especially important when you may need an emergency root canal. Our Corona, CA, dental office sets aside time daily to treat our patients with urgent care. In addition, we can perform emergency root canal treatment to treat an inner tooth infection where necessary.

Root canal therapy becomes necessary when bacteria that live naturally in your mouth break into your tooth through damage to your tooth enamel. If these microscopic creatures enter your inner tooth, which consists of the pulp chamber, and into your tooth roots, the result can be a tooth-threatening infection. Dr. Kahill can eliminate this infection by accessing your inner tooth and removing the infection.

What Happens If You Avoid Treating an Infected Root Canal

The nature of any infection is to grow and spread unless you act to prevent it. This becomes especially poignant with an inner tooth infection because you cannot reach it to clean out the bacteria. And because the infection often causes inflammation, the natural flow of blood can be impeded, which slows your immune system response.

If you avoid getting a root canal, the inflamed tissue will impact your tooth nerve, causing significant and increasing pain. This is the stage where most people seek treatment, but your need for treatment will be urgent. The ultimate price for an uncontrolled root infection is that we’ll have to extract your tooth to keep the infection from threatening your overall health.

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