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Is losing a crown a dental emergency?

If your dental crown falls out, our Dental Care of Corona team considers this a dental emergency. Crowns can fall out or become damaged for numerous reasons. You may have bitten down too hard on a piece of food or had a sports injury. Regardless of the reason why, your emergency dentists in Corona can quickly relieve your pain, treat the problem, and restore your smile

If your crown falls out or gets lost, it’s essential to remain calm. Crowns are non-toxic, so even if you accidentally swallow them, they’ll pass naturally. However, if your crown is dislodged, sanitize it with hydrogen peroxide, place it in a plastic container, and bring it with you to your emergency dental appointment. 

Many people have cracked or chipped dental crowns, which should be repaired quickly to avoid further damage, decay, or infection. Please do not use glue to fix the crown yourself. Certain glues are toxic, cause poisoning, and can worsen the damage. 

Call Your Emergency Dentist in Corona  

If you have a broken, damaged, or missing crown, please contact our Dental Care of Corona team as soon as possible. We can get you in the dental chair quickly, repair the damage, and restore your oral health and your smile’s appearance. 

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