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Is Invisalign better than braces for adults?

Picture this, you are meeting with your new manager, he comes highly accredited, and everyone is excited to see him for the first time. He comes into the office and introduces himself to everyone. The manager smiles broadly to reveal a set of metal braces on his teeth.

 Do you think his employee's perception of their new manager might be affected? Whether it is fair or not, people tend to associate braces with youthfulness and inexperience in this case.

An adult in a professional situation like this risks looking childish or inexperienced to his peers and staff.

You can apply this hypothetical to many adult situations in life, like applying for a job, trying to convince your boss you deserve a promotion or raise, or asking out the man or woman of your dreams.

Most adults would feel more comfortable in those situations without braces. Unfortunately, feelings like this can keep adult patients from seeking the dental care they need to improve their oral health and appearance.

The clear aligner trays used for Invisalign treatment are nearly invisible, allowing patients to straighten their teeth without feeling self-conscious. 

The Other Benefits of Invisalign Over Braces

As a bonus, Invisalign is typically easier on the mouth, causing less pain, soreness, and scrapes caused by the metal in braces.

Braces run the risk of rubbing against teeth, gums, or cheek and can cause permanent damage because of it.

The sections of braces also easily catch food, and even the best dental hygiene can provide a safe place for bacteria to hide, increasing the risk of bad breath and cavities.

Invisalign aligners are removable, allowing you to easily clean your teeth with a brush and floss while also cleaning the clear aligner.

With Invisalign, a six-month smile transformation is possible much faster than braces can provide results, creating a more convenient treatment timeline for working professionals.

Which Should I Choose?

Overall, Invisalign is the popular choice for most adults in most cases. 

There may be instances where braces may be preferable, like when the cost is a significant concern or the patient has an issue that can only be corrected by braces or doesn't believe they can be consistent with their Invisalign clear aligners.

The clear aligners are shaped to the teeth and cling snuggly to them. Dental patients using clear aligners can smile and talk without worrying about what people see when they do. Discreetly, the patient's teeth will straighten over time. It might convince some people that your teeth have always been straight.

Ultimately it comes down to the needs and preferences of the patient. It is important to us that each patient is allowed to make informed decisions about their oral health.

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