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How can you help me relax during my dental appointment?

The team at Dental Care of Corona understands that every patient comes to us with unique needs. It’s common to experience dental anxiety, whether it’s a fear of the unknown or concerns about your comfort. 

With sedation dentistry, there’s no reason for any of our Corona patients to feel anxious about an upcoming dental procedure. We offer several levels of dental sedation to meet the individual needs of our patients.

Nitrous oxide is the mildest form of sedation we offer, and its purpose is to keep you calm and relaxed during your appointment. Since nitrous is a gas, its effects last only as long as you are inhaling it, and you won’t feel any drowsy sensation afterward.

If nitrous oxide isn’t enough to take the edge off, our specialists can prescribe an oral sedative. You should take the medication about an hour before your appointment; that way, you arrive at our office feeling relaxed and comfortable.

For patients who have a very deep level of anxiety or have an extensive procedure planned, we are pleased to offer the services of a trained anesthesiologist who can safely administer IV or intravenous sedation. This puts you in a semi-conscious state, and you won’t remember much—if anything—about your procedure.

If you are a parent and think your child could benefit from some relaxation during their procedure, our children’s dental office in Corona also offers safe sedation for kids.

Ask Us about Sedation Dentistry in Corona, CA

With so many ways to help you relax, there’s no reason to ever fear another dental appointment again. If you think sedation dentistry might benefit you, please call us so we can discuss your needs.

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