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How can I fix stained teeth?

Because teeth are porous by nature, they are unfortunately good at collecting stains from the foods and drinks you eat throughout the day. Things like coffee, tomatoes, berries, and beets all pose some risk of staining your teeth.

Clean Up The Existing Stains

Depending on the current state of your teeth, you may have a battle ahead of you. There are many good whitening options on the market, but none will work as well as a professional whitening treatment in our office. Whitening is also not a substitute for good oral hygiene habits, so start there. 

Prevent New Stains From Forming

Having good daily cleaning habits for your teeth is essential to keep stains from forming on them. Brush twice a day, and floss regularly. Don't skip on your twice-a-year cleanings with your dentist to keep your mouth the healthiest it can be. In addition, you might consider using whitening toothpaste.

Visit A Professional For Whitening Treatments Unavailable Over The Counter

Dental Care of Corona offers in office whitening treatment made with a higher concentration of whiteners like hydrogen peroxide than you can find available at the store. Because it is administered by a professional, it typically provides much better results. Contact us today if you are looking to schedule a professional tooth whitening.

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