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Can I drive after sedation dentistry?

Our team at Dental Care of Corona does not recommend driving after oral or IV sedation dentistry. We offer three types of sedation dentistry at our Corona dental office:

  • Nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) – This short-term conscious sedation is calming, and patients inhale it through a mask during the appointment. As soon as the patient removes the mask, the effects dissipate within a few minutes. This is the only form of sedation patients can have and still drive after. 
  • Oral sedation – Our periodontist Dr. Brock Lorenz is certified to offer oral sedation at our Corona dental office. Oral sedation is a mild conscious sedative pill your doctor prescribes before treatment. We ask patients to take the medication about an hour before their appointment. Because the effects linger for several hours after having oral sedation, we recommend having a designated driver drop you off at our dental office and take you home after your visit. 
  • IV sedation – Dr. Lorenz is also certified to offer IV sedation at Dental Care of Corona. IV sedation immediately enters the bloodstream, and the effects can last for hours. If you have IV sedation, you must have a designated driver to bring you to drop you off for your appointment and take you home. 

Sedation Dentistry in Corona, CA 

Our team at Dental Care of Corona always strives to make your dental appointments easy and stress-free, which is why we’re pleased to offer various sedation dentistry options. Whether you’re nervous about the dentist and want extra relaxation or having a more complex treatment, we have the sedation dentistry you need for a more streamlined and pleasant appointment.

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