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What do dentists use for sedation?

Dental sedation in Corona, CA is an excellent way to relax your nerves. It is used to treat dental phobia but is also a perfect choice for patients undergoing invasive or multiple treatments.

First, your sedation dentist in Corona, CA talks to you about the choices, and then we take a health history to learn whether it is a safe and viable option for you.

Our sedation dentistry options include:

  • Nitrous oxide—Nitrous oxide, commonly called laughing gas, is administered through a nose mask. It has no lingering side effects, and the relaxed and detached feeling wears off immediately following treatment.
  • Oral sedation—Oral sedation is a pill given before treatment. With this pill, you may only recall bits and pieces of your dental visit. If you choose oral sedation, you’ll need transportation from a friend or family member because driving is prohibited.
  • IV Sedation—IV sedation is the most powerful option, so you’ll likely not remember your procedure. With IV sedation—like oral sedation—you’ll need a ride home from your treatment.

Your dentist provides all aftercare instructions following sedation dentistry. Be sure to follow these directions for the best results.

Are You Considering Sedation Dentistry in Corona, CA?

Talk to a member of our compassionate team today about dental sedation! Helping you relax and feel comfortable in our dental office is a top priority.

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