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Why are regular teeth cleanings important?

Many people feel that brushing their teeth twice daily and flossing once may be enough to maintain their oral health. The problem with that assumption is that the bacteria which cause plaque and tooth decay live in every nook and cranny of your mouth, and many of these areas are difficult to access with at-home tools. So, regular teeth cleanings are essential because our hygiene specialists can comprehensively remove plaque and tartar to prevent tooth decay.

Another advantage of regular teeth cleanings is that we can detect other potential dental issues early and often before they require costly interventions. For example, if we identify specific problems with your unique oral health, we can provide preventive dental treatments like fluoride and dental sealants.

How Regular Teeth Cleanings Protect Your Gums

The same bacteria that endanger your teeth' health also may impact your gums and cause periodontal disease. Again, these conditions may be exacerbated by the inaccessibility of certain gum areas, especially between teeth. Dental floss may provide some cleaning in these areas, but our hygienists at Dental Care of Corona can skillfully treat your gums and identify existing damage that may threaten your teeth.

For example, a gum infection may also contribute to an inner tooth infection as bacteria may penetrate your tooth roots via your gums instead of a tooth fracture or cavity. Regular teeth cleanings can help you avoid interventions like root canals in Corona, CA.

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