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Are there alternatives to dental implants?

Patients considering their dental options for replacing missing teeth have several options. Dental implants are just one of the available options for patients who want to replace a missing tooth with a permanent fix but may not be right for everyone.


These are a good option for patients who want the look of natural teeth, are missing multiple teeth, and are willing to sacrifice some of the functionality of dental implants for a removable alternative that requires no surgery and is often cheaper.

Not just for patients missing all of their teeth, partial denture sets can replace just a section of missing teeth, making them great for patients who have gaps in their smile but want to avoid surgery.


These are another permanent option for filling a gap in your smile. Bridges can fill the space for one or several missing teeth.

Instead of being supported by a post fused to the jawbone, bridges are held in place by supporting teeth on either side of the gap in the teeth. Like dental implants, once the dentist places them in the mouth, they are there to stay.

Bridges have some of the convenience that dental implants have, allowing you to use the bridge similarly to how you might use your natural teeth.

Bridges require healthy teeth that can support them and may not be ideal for every patient.

Discuss Your Options and Needs with Your Dentist

In order to best understand your options and what will best fit your situation, budget, and desires, it is best to meet with our local Corona, CA dentist.

If you are interested in learning more about dental implants or other alternative options, contact us today. Schedule a time to come into our office to meet with a dentist for a consultation to determine what options might work best for you.

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