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It's Never Too Late to Have the Straighter Smile You Want!

June 13, 2022
Posted By: Dental Care of Corona

Are you living with crooked teeth that keep you from smiling confidently? Maybe you never had orthodontic treatment as an adolescent? Or perhaps you did but forgot to wear your retainers, and your teeth have slipped out of alignment.

Whatever the case may be, there are excellent solutions these days for adults who want to straighten their teeth with efficiency and discretion. Here's what you should know about orthodontic treatment in Corona, CA, for busy adults.

Invisalign and OrthoFX

Clear aligner therapy is one solution adult orthodontic patients love because it straightens your teeth without unsightly metal brackets and wires. Invisalign and OrthoFX use clear aligners that fit snugly against your teeth and apply gentle pressure for gradual tooth movement. Some of the advantages clear aligners in Corona offer our patients are:

  • Discretion: Clear plastic aligners are hardly visible, so no one will ever notice that you're aligning your teeth.
  • Comfort: Clear aligners are smooth and customized, making them easy and comfortable to wear.
  • Freedom: There are no restrictions to your diet since clear aligners are removable.
  • Better dental health: You won't have to brush and floss around brackets and wires, and it's easy to continue your regular home care routine throughout your treatment since you can remove your aligners.

The first step in finding out if Invisalign or OrthoFX is right for you is to contact Dental Care of Corona at (951) 268-9858 and schedule an evaluation with one of our dentists.

Six-Month Smiles

Maybe you need some slight adjustments to your front teeth? Then, Six-Month Smiles may be the solution for you!

With a focus on only the teeth you see when you smile, Six-Month Smiles uses clear brackets and wires to quickly move your teeth into position in a matter of weeks, not months or years - hence the name Six-Month Smiles. 

This orthodontic option also tends to be less expensive than other solutions since it takes less time.

Are You Ready to Learn More?

Your straighter, more beautiful smile awaits! Contact your Corona dentists today to learn more about our orthodontic options for adults.

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