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Don’t Let Bone Loss Get in the Way of Dental Implants

July 12, 2022
Posted By: Dental Care of Corona

Bones provide the underlying structure for a person’s body, so it’s no wonder that most of us think of them as relatively stable and permanent. But your bones are living tissue, with cells that are in constant need of replacement. In fact, this process is fittingly known as remodeling, but instead of needing a contractor, your bones remodel themselves. One crucial factor is that the rate of this process varies significantly with age. For example, during your first year of life, your bones remodeled almost 100% of your entire skeleton. By the time you become an adult, that rate has slowed by 90% and continues to slow as you grow older. If you reach the point that bone cells break down faster than they are replaced, you may officially be suffering from bone loss.

An unfortunate impact of bone loss, especially if you experience it in your jaw, is that it complicates your ability to take advantage of a dental implant. If you want dental implants in Corona, CA but worry that your jaw isn’t strong enough, the Dental Care of Corona team can offer a procedure that rebuilds bone tissue, known as bone grafting.

How Do I Know If I Have Bone Loss?

Bone regeneration, in simple terms, results from two opposing processes. Resorption is when your body breaks down old bone tissue, and ossification is how it rebuilds bone. If resorption outpaces ossification, bone loss occurs. However, in its early stages, you’ll hardly notice any change.

But as it increases, you may experience the following:

  • Bite changes
  • Facial sagging
  • Teeth that shift or feel loose
  • Pain when you chew
  • Lip changes and wrinkles around your mouth
  • Facial soreness or jaw pain
  • Interference with speaking

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you should contact our dental office immediately as bone loss will not resolve itself but is more likely to get worse.

The Causes of Bone Loss in Corona, CA

The progressive nature of bone loss relates directly to how you use those bones. Pressure is what stimulates bone regeneration. When considering how this impacts your teeth, the necessary jaw bone pressure happens when you chew and bite. If this pressure is absent, then ossification slows while resorption rates stay the same.

When you are missing one or more teeth, the action from chewing is not transmitted via your teeth to your jaw. So the insidious irony of the situation is that the very act of losing a tooth begins a decline that may make it more difficult to replace.

Periodontal Disease Also Leads to Bone Loss

Another condition that can contribute to diminishing bone structure is gum or periodontal disease. This is also a progressive illness that results from an uncontrolled infection that may spread from your gums to your jawbone. In addition, disorder interferes with your body's natural regenerative process, where that energy is instead rerouted to fight the problem.

Bone Grafting Procedure and How It Works

According to the National Institutes of Health, around half of all people who seek a dental implant procedure need to increase their bone structure. That is why we are proud to have Dr. Brock Lorenz, who specializes in advanced dental implant services, including bone grafting.

A bone grafting procedure involves the removal of healthy bone tissue from one area and implanting that tissue on the diminished bone. Most people are familiar with skin grafting to help burn patients. Bone grafting is very similar. Like skin, bone graft material is living tissue that will grow into the damaged area as it heals.

The time your bone graft takes will depend on many factors, but it should be completely healed within a month, but it could take up to several months. However, the result will be worth the wait as you will be able to receive a dental implant, which will help your bone health just by being there.

Bone Grafting for Dental Implants

Our team at Dental Care of Corona has made it our mission to offer the best dental care and treatments to every patient. We take great pride in being able to help our patients, old and new alike, to receive dental implants even if other dentists have told them their bone health is insufficient.

Because we can offer bone grafting procedures at our dental office, we can be your one-stop shop for teeth replacement. If we detect that the position of your sinuses interferes with your dental implant, Dr. Lorenz can also provide sinus augmentation or a sinus lift. We don’t want anything to stand in the way of your oral health.

If you live in Corona or the surrounding communities of Norco, Riverside, Lake Elsinore, and beyond, we invite you to contact us to start the process. A new life with the benefits of dental implants could be right around the corner.

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